Be Strong
Half Dawn.
I think it's mornight rn but yeh 
O(≧▽≦)O Ogenki yooooooooooooo 
HAPPY 2014!!!
Hoi hoi tahun baru hoi ohohoho Can you believe that I'm already on my last year of high school oh mai gerdness. I feel so old and so young at the same time. Well I still can't believe that I'm a grown up and will graduate in less than uh a year? Or lesser idk. Well as a normal grown up teenager, of course I can't wait to get out from this so called school and stop from being a kid but in the same time I don't really have intention to move on from my school life. I don't have any plan what to do after I graduate from my school realy. Haila haila.

Talk about school, this year is such a hectic year like seriously. I don't feel like I'm breathing any decent air anymore sobseuu hurhurhur But it kind of fun because I actually have things to do. But ugh if I can choose subject I want to drop, I will choose BM and Sejarah. I really hate like really really double ultra hate memorizing and any type of essay. Well my tatabahasa and my BM kinda sucks so I really hate it. So many things I need to remember ugh. And also, school gave me free tuition and yeah. It is so tiring to be honest lah because firstly the class is every day either from 3-5 pm , 4-6pm and 8-10 am. I don't feel like I'm living as a human anymore really. But let us not complain and be happy \o/

Oh oh last week or smtg our class did that frog experiment you know!!!! Ok eventho mine was fish but hey at least I did that xperiment helped by Mine :cccc  It was fun (REALLYY????????) I think. Because yeah you know. It was fun >_>
Ya itu ialah ikan sobsobsobs

Chucos Mustachos

Summary of my life
Hahahaha last post April 6. 8 bulan yang lepas? Gila ah lamaaaaaaa hahaha Banyak nak cerita bermula dari bulan 5 sampai sekarang tapi sapa peduli ya dok. Tapi ni blog ai eeee suka hati lah hahahaha mohon tampar.

bulan 6 haritu ada mid yead exam tau and guess what is my result sampai lah end year ni? sila teka result meningkat ke tak. Pemenang dapat tepukan dari penulis. /clap clap clap
Crying bcs you got that right
If you say I got worser than before, than congrats!!!!! You got that right. You deserve that claps along with tears man. Can't show it yet because SAPS still in process or whatever.  But, I'm a nice person okay so I will give you my end year result or whatever it is called.

I'm not even sure to feel proud with this kind of result or not. It's a love hate since my addmath is C but half of me is mentally crying in happiness because I passed that goddamn subject and I'm frowning so hard I can be the second Grinch tho because I dropped like 20 marks from my previous exam and this is such a disgrace to my pride (like i care) 

Now I feel like I have the Grinch in my life minus the X-mas part

But the good thing is, I've learned my lesson to study more and not when the exam is nearer. and hey I passed my Bio, Chem and Phys okay. How awesome is that ghahaha.

I don't remember what happen next but what I know is, the moment of jamuan raya arrived!!! Hoyeah Jamuan raya is my fav because food. FOOD. Other than that was oogling on Piju and his baju raya of course. It's a pity that Pinky is not here anymore heh <//3 lulz. What I remember is we had spaghetti, lemon chicken, cake? The cake was so mouthwatering, srumptious, delicious, heavenly taste my face just full with sparkle after a bite sobsobsobs Heaven gila taste dia. Serious nak peluk Yasmin sebab dia beli sedap gila tapi beliau telah dilupakan buat sementara sebab kek.
Me after eating that cake; man it was so delicious

Anyway, it was a success and I enjoyed it so much much muchachos. Now for gambar raya hahahahha I had enough laughs for tonight after going through these pictures. Gila derp ah woi ghahahah

Acap menyibuk gila shush shush D:

/drum roll/ Pengetua becha 

Okay kenapa kelas ni dipenuhi orang yang penuh kasih sayang seriously And sum all my activites during Jamuan Raya ohohohoh Nak buat apa sangat masa Jamuan Raya selain dari makan dan tangkap gambar?
.....Okay maybe ada lagi tapi lalalalalalalalllaalalallalalala bff forever okayyyyyyyyyyyyyazzzzzzz /)_(\

Kembali ke tajuk utama yeyheheheheyeyeehehehhe dah cuti ok bai i love you muah
Rated gila tapi cermin ja kot so hahahah